"PAS Pioneers: Welcoming Little Stars to a Bright Future!"


Orientation Programme Welcomes Nursery Students to The Pentecostal Assembly School


On the vibrant morning of March 5th, 2024, The Pentecostal Assembly School (PAS) opened its doors to welcome the newest and youngest members of its community. Clad in their crisp uniforms, accompanied by their parents, the nursery students eagerly stepped into the school premises, marking the commencement of an enriching journey.


The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the nursery students, along with their parents, gathered in the school auditorium. The programme commenced with a solemn prayer led by the esteemed Founders, Director, Rev. Dr. D.N. Prasad, and Chief Academic Officer, Mrs. Rita Prasad, setting a tone of reverence and hope for the proceedings.


Principal Madam, Dr. Karuna Prasad, in her introductory address, warmly welcomed the attendees and introduced the dedicated team of primary teachers. An informative overview of life at PAS, including upcoming events, important information, and guidelines for parents, was shared, enlightening the newcomers about the school's ethos and expectations.


The rich history and notable achievements of PAS were celebrated, along with an introduction to the school's infrastructure, facilities, and avenues for growth. Excited giggles filled the air as the children were led to their classrooms, eagerly exploring the colorful playrooms, the joyful Mathematic Lab, inspiring Reading room the engaging Audio-Visual room, and the inviting outdoor playground area.


Amidst cheerful singing and laughter, the children joyously indulged in coloring activities and received stars as tokens of encouragement. The highlight of the day was the reception of a welcome package from the school, comprising a school calendar, a copy of the school magazine, and a memento, which ignited a sense of belonging and excitement among the students.


In addition to welcoming nursery students, PAS extended its warm embrace to new entrants from the primary and middle school sections, ensuring a seamless transition into the PAS family.


Administrator Mr. Daniel Michael Prasad shared his sentiments, expressing the school's commitment to providing the best possible education and nurturing environment for every student. His words resonated with the collective spirit of dedication and excellence that defines PAS.


The orientation programme at The Pentecostal Assembly School was not just a formal induction; it was a celebration of new beginnings, fostering a sense of camaraderie and anticipation as the school community embarked on a journey of learning and growth together.



PAS Rockets to Success in JEE

PAS Rockets to Success in JEE Mains 2024
Spectacular News Alert! 
We're thrilled to announce the phenomenal performance of our students in the JEE Mains 2024! Priyanshu Pathak XII D,  Sanket Sahitya XII A  & Yuvraj Kumar Singh XII A , all 3 from the current batch, have not just cracked it but soared to success in their very first attempt!
 Their dedication, hard work, and unwavering determination have truly paid off, showcasing the exceptional quality of education and mentorship here at PAS! We couldn't be prouder of their remarkable achievement! 
 Principal, Dr. Karuna Prasad extended her heartfelt congratulations to Priyanshu ( 98.6 percentile),  Sanket ( 98.23  Percentile) and Yuvraj ( 97 Percentile)  for their outstanding accomplishment! 
 This success not only reflects their individual brilliance but also speaks volumes about the excellence of education imparted at The Pentecostal Assembly School.  We're proud to have such dedicated students and faculty members who constantly strive for excellence! 
  Many other  students have shown brilliant performance in cracking this exam.  Among them Praneet XII A, Sahil Singh XII A ,   Anish Dhawal Tripathi XII A, Roshan Kumar XII D, Priyanshu Ranjan XII D, Aayush Kumar Singh XII A. Kirti Kumar XII A,  Himanshu Sharma XII D, Sagar Kumar, Sumit Kumar Mahatha, Sahil Singh, Neeraj Kumar have distinguished themselves.  The school awaits the news of other students as well.
 The entire school community and all teachers  congratulate  the students and wish them good luck for the future.
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PAS Shines at the EW

The Pentecostal Assembly School Shines at the EducationWorld India School Rankings 2023-24 Awards Ceremony in Delhi!

Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand, October 18, 2023: The Pentecostal Assembly School, Bokaro Steel City, has achieved an extraordinary milestone by securing a prestigious position in the EducationWorld India School Rankings 2023-24. Jharkhand's #12 and Bokaro's #3 ranking reflect the institution's unwavering dedication to academic excellence and comprehensive development.

The Principal, Dr. Karuna Prasad, was gloriously honored at the prestigious "EducationWorld India School Rankings Awards 2023-24" ceremony, which took place at the grand JW Marriott, Aerocity, New Delhi, on October 14. Amidst an esteemed gathering comprising renowned educationists and leaders from more than 1100 schools across India, Dr. Prasad was presented with a Citation and a memento, symbolizing the school's exceptional contribution to the educational landscape.

This commendable achievement in the EWISR 2023-24 is a testament to the institution's commitment to fostering a vibrant and progressive learning environment, as recognized by over 18,000 knowledgeable stakeholders in the field of education nationwide.

The momentous news was unveiled during The Pentecostal Assembly School's Annual Cultural Program on October 19th, 2023. Sri Jagarnath, Lohra, District Education Officer, Bokaro, extended heartfelt congratulations to the school's Founders, Director Rev Dr. D. N. Prasad, and CAO,  Mrs. Rita Prasad, alongside the entire school community for their remarkable feat.

The Pentecostal Assembly School's outstanding performance in the EWISR 2023-24 signifies a significant milestone, underlining the institution's unwavering pursuit of educational excellence and holistic development. This exceptional achievement once again highlights The Pentecostal Assembly School's steadfast commitment to providing unparalleled education and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.


Founder's Day Celebration

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality," and today we had the privilege to honor the visionary leader behind The Pentecostal Assembly School, Rev. Dr. D.N. Prasad, on his birthday. The Founder's Day celebration held on 7th July 2023 was a remarkable event filled with joy, gratitude, and admiration.
The occasion allowed us to express our deep gratitude to our esteemed founder, whose foresight and dedication have paved the way for our educational journey. The students of Std. 3-5  participated in the celebration with great joy, bringing their enthusiasm and energy to honor our beloved Director Sir.
The event commenced with a warm and welcoming birthday song, setting a joyful tone for the program. A solemn word of prayer followed, acknowledging the blessings and guidance of the Almighty in our lives and the growth of our institution.
The students took center stage as they presented beautifully crafted handmade greeting cards and a sapling, symbolizing their love and appreciation for our honorable Director Sir. It was a heartwarming gesture that showcased the deep admiration and respect they hold for their beloved leader. The eloquent speech delivered by a student from Std. 5 touched the hearts of everyone present, expressing their admiration for Director Sir's leadership and inspiring the audience.
Adding a touch of artistry to the celebration, a student from Std. 4 recited a captivating poem, weaving words that reflected the profound impact of our Founder's vision and dedication.
The auditorium was filled with melody and jubilation as the choir of Std. 3-5 harmoniously sang the song "Gin Gin ke Stuti Karoon," paying homage to our Founder's legacy and vision. The students of Std. 5 mesmerized the audience with a stunning dance performance, showcasing their talent and exuberance, and leaving an indelible impression on everyone present.
In the spirit of camaraderie and merriment, fun-filled games were organized, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie among the students and founders.
The program reached its pinnacle with the motivational words of our Director Sir, who encouraged the students to work hard, remain consistent, have faith in the Lord, and uphold honesty in every aspect of life. Principal Dr. Karuna Prasad commended the students for their exceptional efforts in making the program a resounding success.
The Founder's Day celebration at PAS served as a powerful reminder of our esteemed Founder's vision and unwavering commitment. His legacy continues to inspire generations of students, shaping their lives and instilling in them the values necessary for success.
Let us carry forward the spirit of Founder's Day throughout the year, embracing the vision and values that define The Pentecostal Assembly School. Together, we will strive for excellence and make a positive impact on the world.

Malaysia Award Trip 2023

The Pentecostal Assembly School, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, has set a new benchmark in fostering student motivation and achievement.  The school has yet again organized an exhilarating incentive trip to Malaysia for its meritorious students, showcasing its dedication to shaping well-rounded global citizens.


List of Meritorious students awarded with trip to Malaysia:-

Current Students (Class 11):


Shweta Kumari (XI A)

Arushi Jaiswal (XI A)

Aaraish Rifat (XI B)

Priya Kumari (XI B)

Nafisa Ali (XI A)

Snehal Kumar (XI A)

Ankit Kumar (XI B)

Ashok Kumar (XI A)

Former Students (Graduates of Class 12):

Sujal Kumar

Kirti Kumar

Simran Kant

Deshna Jain

Piyush Raj


17 meritorious students of THE PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLY SCHOOL are availing their sweet reward of an all-expenses paid international trip.
The team of students left for the Malaysia tour on the morning of 16th January.
Administrative officer, Mr. Daniel Prasad and Principal, Dr Karuna Prasad are leading the team of students who scored more than 95 % in Std 10 and 12 Board exam of 2022.
Students will have an excellent international exposure as they visit Malaysia.
The students include:
The entire Pentecostal family, Director Sir, Rev Dr. D.N Prasad and CAO Madam, Mrs. Rita Prasad wishes the students a great trip.


Heritage Quiz

G20 And Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

"The Pentecostal Assembly School organized the Heritage Quiz Competition on 8th August 2023 as a part of the G20 and Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat campaign for students from standard VI to X. The competition aimed to motivate the future generations of this country to make efforts in protecting and conserving our vast cultural heritage.


The Quiz consisted of two parts. The first part was the preliminary round, conducted through Google Form, a week before the final event. The top scorers from each section were selected for the final round, which took place in the school auditorium.


The competition comprised four different rounds: the Visual Round, Clue Based, Audio Round, Map Based Round, and Rapid Fire Round. The participants with the highest scores were declared as the winners.


Our honorable Principal Madam, Dr. Karuna Prasad, congratulated the winners and motivated the students and participants. She mentioned, "All the teams were good" and advised them to read up a bit more on heritage. She encouraged the students by saying, "You students will be the ones to carry our heritage forward. So, it is important that the young ones assimilate and read."

She also addressed the students by mentioning that "The Heritage Quiz was not just about answering questions; it was a testament to our students' commitment to preserving and cherishing our rich cultural heritage."

Interaction with an IAS

Interaction with an IAS "Abhishek Garg"
"Opportunities don't happen, you create them" 
The Pentecostal Assembly School organized an interactive session for the students of class X and XII with  Mr. Abhishek Garg (IAS) alumnus of this prestigious school. This session was meant to guide students for their future career.
Principal Madam, Dr. Karuna Prasad welcomed Mr. Garg wholeheartedly on behalf of the whole PAS family.  Students present in the interactive session were overwhelmed  to hear from an alumnus who had achieved his dream of becoming an IAS officer from this prestigious school only .They were highly inspired by the advice and guidance given by Mr. Abhishek .
While interacting with the students, Mr. Garg had a lively interaction with students of Std. 10 and 12. Students asked questions about preparation for UPSC, Team Management, how to deal with stress, making the right choices etc.
Mr. Garg recalled his Interview for UPSC and how he quoted the motto of The Pentecostal Assembly School when asked about how his school impacted and transformed him.
He thanked CAO Madam for the assembly messages and his teachers for laying the right foundation for him.