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The Pentecostal Assembly School began with 30 students and 2 teaching staff in 1989 at 189, Co-operative Colony; today, it is our privilege to be able to function out of a modern complex which stands in 8 acres of land, in Sector - XII, granted by the Management of Bokaro Steel Plant. We would like to welcome you to our Brand new Website. We hope that this will become a useful medium for information exchange.

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In Pursuit of Excellence!

At The Pentecostal Assembly School we are committed to demonstrating excellence in all that we do. We hope to nurture minds which will remain in quest of excellence in every sphere. We hope that education will be the means to free the students from the shackles of narrow parochial thinking and ignite them with a new vision to root out the evils of our society and to strive for personal excellence.

My School Stories

A Report on Seminar on "Growing Up"

The halls and the corridors of The Pentecostal Assembly School are flooded by the waves of new thoughts when a seminar on ‘Growing Up’ was organised on the 5th May 2011 in the school. A very-well known fact of life, still a totally new and innovative idea was that, of this. ‘Growing Up’ seminar. We all know that growing up is an inevitable process of life and every human must go through it...